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Imber Solis to perform at ResiFest!

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

We are thrilled to welcome Imber Solis to our ResiFest! lineup! They will be performing on the large stage at 7 pm, September 16th at Pastime Park in Plain City. Here is their bio, and the reason they are excited to participate in a festival supporting mental health resilience.

"Ohio-based singer-songwriter Imber Solis is making waves in the music world with her vintage pop soul sound. Imber's powerful vocals and conscious lyrics have earned her a reputation for delivering an unforgettable live performance that explores the human experience and emotions.

Imber's journey with this project started in 2021 with pianist and co-writer Scott Lee. Her dedication to music and ability to connect with listeners have earned her a growing fanbase and accolades for her live shows.

Now, Imber is working on a full-length studio album, produced by the award-winning composer and producer Phinees "Phinestro" Robert. This album promises to showcase Imber's unique sound and experiences, bringing together timeless nostalgia with a modern touch for all to enjoy.

With her vintage pop soul sound and conscious lyrics, Imber Solis is set to make a lasting impact on the music world. Keep an eye out for her upcoming album, as it is sure to be a standout in the industry.

'Improving mental health stigmas and encouraging folks to get help when they need it is one of the main missions of my work,' Imber says. 'I have struggled with depression, eating disorders, and anxiety my entire life. I want to help people to heal through our music; music is energy, a whole language of its own, and I don't think we know even half

of the power it has over our well-being.'"

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